Quality Assurance

Total Quality Management Systems

Dr. P Bhasin PathLabs is a quality focused laboratory which uses TQM systems for its processes.

We have a defined process and SOP for every step from housekeeping to equipment selection.

Quality Assurance

In technical quality assurance, PBPL participates in EQC programs and follows IQC practices as per ISO 15189 : 2012 and Westgard rules.

EQC Programs includes :

  • Bio Rad, USA
  • Randox, UK
  • AIIMS, Delhi
  • SGRH, Delhi
  • CMC, Vellore

PBPL uses Unity Real Time Online software for its IQC data management.

All tests have to pass IQC check every day as per test volume and specified frequency.

The data is transmitted from equipments to the software and results evaluated on a real time basis as per Westgard Rules.

Tests are processed only after conformation to quality protocols.