Time For Reports

Open RTPCR 6-8 Hours


iNAAT 1-2 Hours

24 Hours Sample Collection

Charges For Covid-19 RTPCR


Centre Visit Rs. 300

Home Collection Rs. 500


iNAAT Rs. 3500

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Unmatched Quality & Service Assured.

When you test with Dr P Bhasin PathLabs for your COVID & non COVID tests, highest standards of quality, punctuality and best service is what you can expect.

NABL Accredited & ICMR Approved

We were one of the first 100 labs in India to be approved by ICMR to start COVID19 testing & one of the first 5 labs in India to get NABL Accreditation as per ISO15189:2012. All airlines and country require reports from ICMR approved labs.

Fastest RT PCR Reports

Committed reports in 6-8 hours and express RTPCR reports in 1-3 hours. Even during second wave in April 2021, we were the only lab giving out timely reports in less than 24 hours.

Open 24 Hours

We are the only lab in country which operates 24 hours 365 days open COVID sample collection with Covid testing. Hence, you can get tested at time of your choice with fastest report availability.

Online & Whatsapp report with travel compliant format

QR Code, passport number, Nationality & DOB is included in reports which can be received on Whatsapp or downloaded from website.

Legacy of quality with service

Dr P Bhasin PathLabs has over 22 years of experience in delivering high end quality diagnostics with patient friendly services.

Professionally Managed

Every report is personally reviewed & reported by qualified specialist doctor of the respective speciality.

PBPL brings the global gold standard technologies in laboratory equipments within Your reach to ensure accuracy and precision together

End to end IT connected processes to minimise human involvement & error to minimum.

Reasonable Pricing For Highest Quality

Open RTPCR Centre Visit

Rs. 300

  • Report in 6-8 Hours.
  • Globally recommended test for travel.
  • 24 hours open sample collection.

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Open RTPCR Home Collection

Rs. 500

  • Report in 6-8 Hours.
  • Globally recommended test for travel.
  • Collection timming 08:00AM- 09:00PM.
  • Coverage area restriction.

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Rs. 1200

  • Report in 3 Hours.
  • Cartridge based RTPCR(NAAT).
  • Most accurate & reliable method for RTPCR.
  • Accepted worldwide(Except UAE).

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Rs. 3500

  • Report in 1-2 Hours.
  • Fastest iNAAT(RTPCR) based detection of SARS Cov2.
  • Used at major airports & important offices like White House,PMO India etc. around the world.

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